Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mixtape: Voyce G.I. Go - Prolyfic Voyce!!!

Prolyfic Voyce is finally HERE!?!?!?!The EP finds the (Gary,IN./Chicago,IL) emcee Voyce G.I. Go pleasantly adding strong vibe and presence over already powerful and pure production provided by Prolyfic from his beat tape Beats I Made on the MPC released late 2010. Look for a video for the song Strong to be coming in the near future. Also Voyce G.I. Go and Chris Ill the HiPHopStarz will begin releasing music from their mixtape Checkmate which is the prelude to their highly anticipated album Bobby Fisher Chess Moves..Voyce G.I. Go has some big things in store 2011 stay in tune....

Mixtape: Voyce G.I. Go - Prolyfic Voyce

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