Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hip-Hop Starz (Voyce G.I. Go + Chris Ill) - Gods Over Devils!!!

Here a new joint from the Hip-Hop Starz; the duo which consist of Gary/Chicago emcee Voyce G.I.Go and Chicago producer Chris Ill. The combo have previously dropped two solid projects HanHerb as well as Teddy P and BreakBeats....However this track Gods Over Devils (Gods) is on the mixtape Checkmate which is dropping early March to hold fans over until they release their album Bobby Fisher Chess Moves which is coming April Fools....Look for many songs, interviews, shows, and videos to be dropping in the near future possibly this week...

Voyce is a hustle-holic...That word has a nice ring to it.....SWAG!!! DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

Hip-Hop Starz (Voyce G.I. Go + Chris Ill) - Gods Over Devils

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