Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Post Glow In The Dark tour!!!

Whats up world! Sorry it took me so long to post this but its been alot of stuff goin' on my life so just bear with me. The concert was nothing short of amazing! Lupe opened (his set was tooooooo short) and he also introduced his new group He Say She Say which includes Million Dollar Mano and Drea. Shouts to Mano and Drea: I met Drea when she worked at Akira detail before they closed it, What up girl! Lupe also brought out Gemstones, Nikki Jean, Sarah Green and Matthew Santos! After his set, N.E.R.D. came with that raw energy and tore down the stage! When the group performed their song of the upcoming "Seeing Sounds" album entitled "Spazz", Chris Brown and Common came on stage to show their support. Chris Brown started Krumpin' all on stage and it made me think about the movie RIZE. Shout to Chris Brown, Common, and the whole Star Trak movement. After that, Rihanna came with a good set performing hits such as "Umbrella", "SOS", and "Pon De Replay". I really enjoyed her set on stage. They were like jagged mountains outlined with neon lights. I usually don't like the way she dresses but she looked GOOD!!! Props to Ri-Ri!!!! For the finale, We have Mr. West! Let me just say that anybody who plans to host a stadium tour better put in their work because 'Ye came wit it! The stage was just amazing. Kanye performed on an LED screen with a 100 ft. LCD screen behind him. Kanye played a futuristic character who was fighting to restore creativity to the universe because he was the brightest star who could "Glow In The Dark", no pun intended. This meant that every song that he performed helped him get through his journey! No wonder Kanye ended with "Touch The Sky". Lupe came out and performed it with him. I felt a tear come down my cheek; Them niggas made me good knowing they come from where I'm from. THis experience taught me that you can follow your dreams and actually bring them to life. THANK YOU KANYE FOR THE EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME!!!!! P.S. They didn't allow cameras in the United Center so I don't have any pics. :-(

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pre Glow In The Dark!!!!

Gold Blackberry and some ill shades!!!

Pharoah G.A.U.R.D. x BBC
You know what it is!!!!
The Infamous Boutique Ice Creams! You can't find these no more!
My timepiece-Casio G-Shock(BAPE)

As you all know, tonight is the last night in Chicago for the Glow In The Dark Tour. So I decided to go kick it with my boy Ivan at his uptown hi-rise. We chilled a little before we went to pick up Marwin, so i took some pics! Enjoy! Post GITD after the concert.....

MESSAGE!:Niggas In The Chi need to chill!!!

I really hate the fact that niggas from the Chi who make a little name for themselves (music, fashion, etc.) always act like they're on top of the world. Even if they do get big, what gives you the right to act like anybody owes you anything! Didn't your mother teach you to be humble and appreciate the gifts that God gave you because they can be taken away from you at any moment? People need a reality check and need to understand that we all bleed the same blood! Let's be real joe, AIN'T NOBODY HOT FOREVER!!!!! Let that marinate for a minute.......

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I want a Troop Jacket!

If anybody knows where I can get one of these, get at me at myspace.com/fablechicago. I need one bad! ONE!!!

Afro Samurai!!!

I'm a really big fan of this Anime series (YES I'M A NERD)! I fell in love with this series when I purchased the full first season on DVD! True Fact: Did you know that it costs approximately 1 Million dollars to create one episode? YIKES! Now I see why Season 2 hasn't come out yet! ONE!!!


I really want these but unfortunately my foot is too big! They only make these up to a size 12! Can a brother get a 13?!?!?! ONE!!!

Glow In The Dark Tour Chicago!

This saturday, I'm going to witness greatness at the GITD tour which include the likes of Lupe Fiasco, N.E.R.D., Rihanna, and 'Ye West! So to fully get in gear, I copped a pair of white shutter shades from Untitled on Milwaukee and a Billionaire Boys Club fitted! P.S. I've been wanting a BBC hat since '03! Finally got one! ONE!!!

Never Doubt Just Fly!

This is the modo to follow! This is a promo video for my man J.Rick's clothing line Pharoah G.A.U.R.D. as well as the new mixtape from me and J.ricks entitled "Never Doubt Just Fly". Hit him up at www.myspace.com/jricks1 if you want the latest! GET RIGHT MUSIC ALL DAY!!! ONE!!!

Hello New World!!!

Salutations from yours truly, F.A.B.L.E. I never thought that I would get into this blogging thing, but I couldn't resist it. I blame you Infamous! Well, my blog is going to be kinda different. I'm only gonna post things on my time, mainly because I'm so busy! So.....hopefully you'll like what I have to offer the world.......that's corny! Take a ride with me! I like that better.......ONE!!!


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