Saturday, December 12, 2009

Phraze - I'm Vibin' (prod. by 9th Wonder) + Welcome To The Terror Dome ( Public Enemy Tribute)!!!

Phraze: I'm an MC born and raised in miami's dade county. My music is created to entertain and broaden people's horizons by looking at things in a different way. I feel like WORDS or LYRICS are the most important part of a rap song so i decided to name myself Phraze. Words have so much power and influence on people so i think they should be chosen very wisely. When im on the mic i can not give the listener BS to listen to. People's blood has been shed and lives have been lost for freedom of speech. So basically i am here to shine light where it is dark.

These two joints are off his mixtape "Jackin' 4 Beats Vol. 1" coming soon!!!

Phraze - I'm Vibin'

Phraze - Welcome To The Terror Dome

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