Thursday, December 3, 2009

Leaders 1354 x Fake Shore Drive x Enstrumental x Eschmitte: This is a [DOPE] Collab!!!

The homie Andrew from Fake Shore Drive is joining forces with 3 of the most respected companies in the Chi to create 3 DOPE Tees!!! Salute Big Homie!!!
A photo shoot for the shirts will be held this weekend, with the product being rolled out next week - just in time for the Holidays - or as I'm calling it this year: The Hater Holidays. The shirt FSD is affiliated with, Chicago Hates You, is something that all anonymous commenters and bloggers should pick up. And hey, you'll even be able to buy them online, so your anonymity will remain in tact.

There are 2 collabs:

1st Shirt - “CHICAGO HATES YOU”: Leaders1354 + Fake Shore Drive + Enstrumental + Eschmitte'

2nd Shirt – “DO THE MATH”: Leaders1354 + Enstrumental + Eschmitte'

Bonus: 3rd shirt, “YOU ARE NOW FOLLOWING (Twitter)” will be released in about a month....

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