Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Forever F.A.B.L.E. TV - F.A.B.L.E. Live @ Cafe Lura!!!

Here's the performance footage from my set saturday night @ Cafe Lura!!! I performed "Rip It Off", premiered "Heart Of A Lion" (sans Mikkey Halsted) and "Give Me Your Love". Had a real good time. I want to say R.I.P. to my close friend Projeck who died that night. MISS U BIG HOMIE!!! I want to shout out my homie BIG G and the whole 380 Squad Promotions team!!! Last but not least I gotta shout out my crew The CoLLecTiVe!!! MY TEAM IS MEAN!!! THE LAST SHALL BE FIRST COMIN' IN JANUARY!!!

Forever F.A.B.L.E. TV - F.A.B.L.E. Live @ Cafe Lura!!! from F.A.B.L.E. on Vimeo.


ThaBeastWithin said...
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ThaBeastWithin said...

Keep doin' yo shit bwoy! The CoLLecTiVe!!! CHI-TOWN STAND UP!!!!!!


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